Ryan Deiss Comes Clean About His Biggest Marketing Flop

By admin On May 23, 2011 Under digital marketer, free training
ryan deiss digital marketerRyan Deiss just publicly admitted his biggest and most embarrassing failure as a marketer on his new site - DigitalMarketer.com. He reveals why he killed his blog a few months back, and why it was such a stupid, stupid move. In other words, the campaign was a TOTAL FLOP! There are some good lessons to be learned here, plus you get to watch him eat crow which is always fun to see when a guy of Ryan's status has to admit he was wrong :P Ryan talks about how he violated one of the biggest rules in marketing which is that mediums don't ever replace mediums. In other words, one form of content distribution does not ever replace another. If you want to know exactly what he means by that, click here to check out his video explaining his biggest flop >> Plus, if you opt-in (and you should) you'll also get access to 3 Detailed training videos of 3 separate lab tests that did work:
  • The Pricing Enigma: How To Make A Whole Lot More By Charging A Whole Lot Less
  • The Magic Button That Cuts Facebook Traffic Cost in Half
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Squeeze Page Template
Ryan and his team are mad scientists when it comes to split-testing, so make sure you get on the Digital Marketer list so you can get his latest test results. Go to www.DigitalMarketer.com

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